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Our Courses

At Beta University, we are dedicated to fostering successful entrepreneurs and founders through our comprehensive coursework. Our experienced faculty offers an unparalleled education in business strategy, management, and innovation. Explore our courses below and see why Beta University is the perfect place to jumpstart your career as an entrepreneur.




Accomplished founders teach entrepreneurial methodology and provide the necessary knowledge, covering all aspects of early-stage startups. Training includes team organization, product positioning, growth strategy, and equity design.


Degree Courses

Beta has partnered with Stanford, MIT, and Patten University to launch an online MBA entrepreneurship program, which will begin formal enrollment in 2023-2024. Students will take 12 courses in entrepreneurship online, participate in certification programs at Stanford and MIT, and obtain an entrepreneurship certificate in business.



Industry Research

In-depth research and corresponding databases (1000+ projects) on multiple top entrepreneurial cases throughout the year. including overseas consumer goods, NFTs, creator economy, corporate services, carbon neutrality, the Metaverse, and more.


Beta Online Learning Events

Beta University has prepared digital forms of communication and sharing for students and tutors. Through virtual consultations and online lectures at conferences, it acquaints students with cutting-edge technology trends, giving them a deep understanding of Silicon Valley. Beta will also highlight key news stories to help domestic students stay in touch with the rapidly evolving entrepreneurship scene.

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Beta In-Person Learning Events

Engaging in in-person events is one of the most important ways Beta connects students and mentors. Our activities occur around the Bay Area, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Through these activities, students rapidly acquire knowledge and grow in fields such as entrepreneurship and investment.

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