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Beta Demo Day 2022

We invite you to join Bay Area Investor-Entrepreneur Annual Gathering by Beta Fellowship. At the event, top VC partners in Silicon Valley and founders of unicorn startups will gather, present and share their stories.


本次Demo Day, Beta将为大家带来20+社区孵化项目,赛道包含Web3, ESG, Consumer, DTC等,部分项目介绍:

  • Trusli provides automation software for in-house legal and procurement to collaborate more effectively. We build a beautiful dashboard to allow procurement managers and legal teams manage their deals, approvals, documents and track their metrics such as deal flow, spend, savings and cycle time. We also build automated legal playbooks with pre aligned fall back provisions to enable procurement self serve, and avoid back and forth with legal.


  • We make new-generation AI-based soft sensors to monitor water quality in nature and industries, providing real-time data and predictions for all water quality stakeholders through our AIoT SaaS.

  • Suger provides a developer-first software solution to help B2B sellers leverage cloud marketplaces to boost sales at a startup-friendly price point – including product listing, usage metering, contract management, lead generation and more. Marketplace is projected to represent 17% of B2B sales by 2023, happy to chat more about the Marketplace channel and trade thoughts!

Block Carbon

  • BlockCarbon’s platform uses remote sensing technology and deep learning algorithm to generate critical information and insights from a variety of data sources including satellite image, near-earth aerial data, and other asse-based sensors, helping Asia-based carbon credit project developers to identify and verify to-be-developed targets, predict the carbon storage volume, monitor the developed projects, and sell the credits in the international markets. BlockCarbon is incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab, and the founding team comes from well-known institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and etc.


  • ProtoL is an NFT marketing and promotion platform that empowers brands and e-commerce to launch token and NFT based customer engagement experiences.


  •’s mission is to be the ultimate gatekeeper for authentic digital assets across the physical and virtual worlds. We use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to manage and protect the entire lifecycle of your authentic digital assets, starting with trademarks and design copyrights, covering registration, maintenance, and protection in eCommerce, social media, and Web3.


  • Chili Point is a new generation of central kitchen that is empowered by technology and automation to provide meat distribution and processing services. Chili Point, through its centralized processing services, helps its business partners, such as chained grocery stores or supermarkets, restaurants and virtual kitchens significantly reduce meat preparation time and labor cost. Empowered by a series of intelligent management and automation technology, not only does Chili Point ensure to deliver high quality meat consistently, it transforms the traditional meat distribution center to a fully integrated central kitchen for meal ready kit, offering infinite possibility to oversea meal ready brands to expand the U.S. market.


Event Timeline

Sat, November 5, 2022, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM PDT

· 09:30 AM – Check-in

· 10:00 AM – Opening, Scout Program Overview

· 11:15 AM – Web2.0 Portfolio Talk

· 12:00PM – Beta Incubator Company Pitch

· 01:30 PM – Keynote, How to manage a startup/VC

· 02:15 PM – Web3.0 Portfolio Talk

· 03:30 PM – Entrepreneurs Talk

· 04:15 PM – Program Award Ceremony


关于Beta Fellowship

Beta Fellowship是全球覆盖面最大、最活跃、最优质的海外华人创业社区,现有4000+注册用户,遍布北美、新加坡、澳大利亚等地区。会员大多来自Stanford, Harvard, Yale, CMU等顶尖高校、以及Google, Meta, Netflix, Airbnb, ByteDance等全球一流公司工作背景的职业人士。Beta社区创业者集中在Web 3.0/AI/新消费/医疗/SaaS/ESG等崛起赛道。目前已有100+知名投资人加入成为Beta导师,为创业者提供支持。




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