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6-Week Pre-Acceleration Program

The Beta Pre-acceleration program aims to help early-stage founders gain entry into North America's Top 30 incubators, including Y Combinator, Techstars, etc. 

Incubation Support: Within 6 weeks, we will guide you in mastering essential startup skills, launching your MVP, finding your first customer, and establishing investor relations, among other things.

Fundraise Support: Once you launch your MVP and are ready to fund your company, we will work together with teams to leverage our network of over 200 US investors to secure your first $1M investment.

Cohort 4 is now accepting applications for its scheduled start on August 1st. Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their applications at the earliest opportunity. The selection process will be highly competitive.

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Our Target Founders

Can I apply if...

my project has no revenue?


I don’t have a co-founder or a team?


my product is not fully developed yet?


my project already has funding and users?


Our program is suitable for all founders with great ideas, whether you’re at the Pre-seed to Seed stages, just starting to explore ideas, or looking to learn about entrepreneurship.

Gain Skills

Gain Skills — 6-Week Entrepreneurship Training

In 6 weeks, you will learn essential knowledge as a founder, including how to build and continuously iterate an MVP, design business models, find and validate markets, and enhance pitch skills, among other topics.

Every week, our advisors, including those who have participated in YC and other top-tier accelerator programs, will share their insights based on the weekly topics, providing comprehensive entrepreneurial analysis from the perspectives of investors and successful entrepreneurs.

Week 2

Week 1

Week 3

Product Market Fit

Startup Fundamentals

User Growth

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4


Prepare for Fundraising

Revenue Growth

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Find Advisors — Find the Best Entrepreneurial Advisors

Beta University is dedicated to providing comprehensive entrepreneurial guides and quality resources for early-stage entrepreneurs in North America. Beta's ecosystem contains over 80 experienced adviors from different sectors. 


Zack Kass

Head of GTM @OpenAI

image 45.png

Yaniv Markovski

Head of AI Specialist @OpenAI

image 51.png

Pieter Abbeel

Co-founder @Covariant AI / Director at UC Berkeley AI Lab

image 49.png

Bill Jia

Senior VP @Meta

image 57.png

Renne Yao

Ecosystem Business Development @NVIDIA

image 59.png

Wei Guo

Founder @Uphonest Capital

image 61.png

Jim McKelvey

Co-Founder @Square

image 46.png

Kenneth Stanley

Research Science Manager @OpenAI

image 52.png

Carmen Li

Head of GTM @Bloomberg

image 50.png

Eric Migicovsky

Partner @YC

image 56.png

Yevgen Chebotar

Senior Research Scientist @Google

image 58.png

Richard Socher

CEO & Founder

image 60.png

Sanchan S Saxena

ex-VP @Coinbase

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And more...

80+ advisors at Beta

Ecosystem Partner

We've teamed up with top service providers in the startup ecosystem, empowering founders with essential resources for success. This alliance streamlines operations, allowing entrepreneurs to channel their energies towards innovation and growth.

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Frame 152.png
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Frame 149.png
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Frame 144.png
Frame 148.png
Frame 147.png
Frame 143.png
Frame 140.png
Frame 141.png
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Investor Network

Investor Network

We will organize events in collaboration with our partner investors to give founders valuable exposure and opportunities to start building their networks. We highly encourage you to take advantage of these events by registering early to secure your spot. It's a great way to connect with potential investors and expand your entrepreneurial journey.

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Frame 674.png
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Frame 681.png
Frame 682.png
Frame 683.png
Frame 680.png
Frame 685.png
Frame 684.png
Frame 686.png
Frame 687.png
Frame 689.png
Frame 688.png
Frame 658.png
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Our Success So Far

To date, Beta has successfully assisted over 50 teams in entering top-tier incubators such as Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Global, etc. Some outstanding projects include:

Frame 680.png


Backed by Y Combinator

Frame 687.png

Backed by Resolute Ventures, Y Combinator

Frame 691.png

LF Intelligent

Backed by IMO Ventures, XVC Fund II, Hunter Ventures, Welight Capital

Frame 676.png

Backed by Y Combinator

Frame 693.png

Backed by Zhenfund

Frame 677.png


Backed by Greycroft, BDMI, UTA VC, Touch Venture, The House Fund, Rackhouse Ventures

Frame 690.png


Backed by A16Z

Frame 694.png


Backed by Uphonest Capital, QF Capital

Frame 693.png

And more...

Frame 689.png

Cognition IP

Backed by Y Combinator

Frame 692.png


Backed by NEA, Y Combinator

Q & A


How much does Beta University cost? 

Participation is completely free. We only require a $500 refundable deposit to secure your commitment, which will be returned upon meeting all program requirements.


How much time will I need to commit?

Teams are expected to submit a weekly project update report (which takes about 5-10 minutes to complete). 


Can I apply if I don’t have an idea for a product? 

Absolutely! We will guide you through mastering foundational skills to get started in this field and explore methods for generating innovative ideas.


What is the application process? When will I hear from you?

You can apply by clicking the button below. Successful applicants will receive an email invitation to complete the registration.

If you are not accepted - please stay connected with us on social media and apply again for the next cohort!


Is Beta University in-person or remote?

The program is entirely remote, with all live sessions conducted via Zoom. However, we organize in-person events in the Bay Area that we encourage you to attend.

Ready to start the journey?
See you in a click.

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