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Talent Network

Beta University Career Center helps early-stage startups onboard high-quality talent and provides students and professionals who are interested in joining startups with a platform to gain an in-depth understanding of high-growth startups in North America. Using the Career Center as a starting point, we help startups meet the rapidly growing talent needs in software engineering, finance, sales, marketing, and business development.


For Students

Joining our talent network ensures you receive timely updates on our latest job opportunities, keeping you informed and connected to promising career paths.

For Founders

If you're actively hiring but have no idea of where to start, click on "I'm hiring," and one of our team members will reach out to assist you!

Our Success So Far

To date, Beta has successfully assisted over 50 teams in entering top-tier incubators such as Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Global, etc. Some outstanding projects include:

Frame 680.png


Backed by Y Combinator

Frame 687.png

Backed by Resolute Ventures, Y Combinator

Frame 691.png

LF Intelligent

Backed by IMO Ventures, XVC Fund II, Hunter Ventures, Welight Capital

Frame 676.png

Backed by Y Combinator

Frame 693.png

Backed by Zhenfund

Frame 677.png


Backed by Greycroft, BDMI, UTA VC, Touch Venture, The House Fund, Rackhouse Ventures

Frame 690.png


Backed by A16Z

Frame 694.png


Backed by Uphonest Capital, QF Capital

Frame 693.png

And more...

Frame 689.png

Cognition IP

Backed by Y Combinator

Frame 692.png


Backed by NEA, Y Combinator

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